Root Canal Therapy Gives You Reason To Smile
By Botts Dental Spa
March 27, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Root CanalDo you have pain in your teeth that makes even the slightest sensation cause severe agony? Oftentimes, this dental dilemma is indicative of a serious cavity that needs to be removed immediately, before it's progressed even further in your teeth.

At Botts Dental Spa, the leading solution for ridding mouths of cavities is with root canal therapy, which involves treating infected tooth's root canals, tiny passageways that branch out from under the top of the tooth down to the tip of the root.

Specifically, root canal treatment involves removing the diseased sections of affected teeth, which stops the spread of infection while simultaneously restoring tooth function in patients' mouths. Today, root canal therapy can save just about any troubled tooth that's been affected by progressive decay.

If left untreated, teeth with spreading decay can be extremely painful and very sensitive, not to mention small pockets of pus that form around the infection and potentially cause abscesses.

A normal root canal at Botts Dental Spa will:

  • Typically require between one and three visits.
  • Involve little or no pain whatsoever, as a local anesthesia is used.
  • Fully restore teeth so they are free from dental decay.

The actual process is relatively simple.

  • A tiny hole is drilled through the top of the infected tooth into its inner chamber before decayed tissue is removed.
  • The internal chamber is cleaned out and your root canals are restructured.
  • An elastic material is placed into both the chamber and your rejuvenated root canals.
  • Sometimes, the hole in the tooth will be filled until a crown is used to seal it permanently.

For more information on how root canal treatment can rid your teeth of pain and restore your dental health, give the dentists at Botts Dental Spa a call today at (901) 737-2200 for full oral relief right here in Collierville, TN!