Let Dental Implants Make Your Smile Whole Again
By Botts Dental Spa
February 21, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental implants are crucial for people looking to replace missing teeth for the sake of improving their smile and adding much needed structural support. Dr. Jason Botts of Botts Dental Spa provides his patients with dental implants in the Cordova, TN, area.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a tooth-like structure that replaces missing tooth roots. The oral appliance looks just like natural teeth and has a 95% success rate compared to other procedures or treatment options. One of the many advantages of dental implants is that they are made of biocompatible titanium posts, which means there's no worry of tissue rejection.

Your Collierville dentist inserts the titanium post where the missing tooth is and seals that surgical area to allow for a process called osseointegration. This is when the titanium post fuses to the rest of the jawbone, taking about 3-to-6 months. During those months you'll visit your Collierville dentist to ensure everything is going just as planned. You'll also be given a temporary crown so that you can go about your regular activities, like eating and drinking.

When you're ready to receive your permanent crown, your dentist will place a connector that anchors the crown to the titanium post. The permanent crown matches your natural teeth in color and shape, so your smile is complete.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many benefits to getting dental implants, including the fact that it can last a lifetime. The other important or vital use of implants is that they prevent jawbone deterioration which may result in facial sinkage. Dental implants are simply a great structural oral appliance that reinforces your jaws.

Need a consultation with your Collierville dentist?

Dr. Jason Botts of Botts Dental Spa provides his patients with dental implants in the Cordova, TN, area. He can help patients in need of filling in those dental gaps, so just give him a call at (901) 737-2200 today!