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By Botts Dental Spa
April 16, 2021
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Visiting your dentist should be a regular part of your dental care, it can help prevent some of the complications mentioned below which signal a much more urgent need to make an appointment. If you would like to know more about how to prevent common dental conditions you can reach out to your Cordova, TN, dentist Dr. Jason Botts of Botts Dental Spa.

Tooth Pain

A toothache is often a sign that something is already wrong, or rather, that it should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent whatever is causing it from becoming a bigger complication. A common example is a cavity that is deep enough to cause pain, if corrected early enough all you will need is a filling, but if you put it off for long enough the decay can threaten your tooth, at which point a root canal may be required. It escalates the longer you wait.

Unhealthy Gums

Healthy gums are key to your overall health because gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. Gums, when they are healthy, should have a pink tone to them, and they should be firm. Inflammation may not be easy to spot, but if it's progressed enough it'll be easy to feel. Examine your gums just as often as you do your teeth.

Smile Imperfections

Your smile can otherwise be healthy but if there are imperfections that keep you from showing it off know that the smile of your dreams is just a few visits away. It all depends on your expectations and available treatments. Whether all you want is a brighter whiter smile with a professional teeth whitening session, or you wish to correct your bite with Invisalign, your dentist can help.

Preventative Dentistry in Cordova, TN

The biggest sign that it's time to visit your dentist is if you've not been in for a while. Remember that regular checkups and cleanings are the best tools you have to maintain a strong and healthy smile. To make an appointment today with Dr. Botts of Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN, by dialing (901) 737-2200.

By Botts Dental Spa
March 31, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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While the focus of general dentistry involves the prevention and treatment of tooth and gum complications, the primary focus of cosmetic dentistry is improving your smile and the appearance of your teeth. Cordova, TN, residents can make the most of a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures thanks to Dr. Jason Botts and his team at Botts Dental Spa.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Here are five of the most common cosmetic dental procedures:

  • Professional teeth whitening: Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures for Cordova, TN, dental patients. It’s a simple process that takes less than an hour, so you can do it on your lunch break. Teeth whitening can improve the color of your teeth by several shades.
  • Composite bonding: Bonding is a simple but effective dental procedure that can be used to repair any minor issues such as small chips or cracks in your teeth. After removing any decay or damaged areas from your teeth, your dentist will then apply the bond or composite and shape it to look like your natural teeth.
  • Dental Implants: Implants provide the most durable and permanent way to replace missing teeth. The procedure involves the implantation of a titanium post into your jawbone. An abutment is added to the post and a prosthetic tooth called a crown is cemented to the abutment.
  • Porcelain veneers: Veneers are thin porcelain sleeves that are fixed over the front of a tooth. They can be used to fix misshapen, discolored, or damaged teeth.
  • Onlays and Inlays: These types of restorations are created in a lab to match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth. Inlays and onlays are used to protect and strengthen a tooth that has been severely damaged by tooth decay.

If you’re considering your cosmetic dentistry options in Cordova, TN, call Dr. Botts at (901) 737-2200 to schedule an appointment.

By Botts Dental Spa
January 22, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Find out how sedation dentistry could ease your anxieties in the dental chair.

Nervous about visiting the dentist? Putting off that much-needed dental procedure because you are too anxious? Our Cordova, TN, dentist Dr. Jason Botts understands that visiting the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for people who’ve had bad experiences in the past. You’ll be happy to hear that our team offers sedation dentistry to help alleviate your fears and to help make your next dental visit or procedure easier on you.

Quell your Anxiety

The sole purpose of sedation dentistry is to provide patients with a safe and effective way to ease stress and anxiety around dental care. If you have a true dental phobia or anxiety that is intense enough to keep you from seeing the dentist when you should, then you could benefit from sedation dentistry.

Sedation is Tailored to You

There are different options when it comes to the type and the level of sedation, and these are tailored to your needs. Mild sedation comes in the form of oral sedation (e.g. anti-anxiety medication) and inhalation sedation (e.g. “laughing gas”), where the patient is awake and able to respond to the dentist but may dose off. Mild sedation can alleviate that tension that you feel when you’re undergoing a dental cleaning or procedure.

More moderate sedation may cause the patient to dose off or not remember parts or all of their procedure. More moderate levels of sedation may be used along with local anesthesia for more extensive procedures such as a wisdom tooth extraction. Of course, our Cordova, TN, family dentist will discuss your sedation options with you during your consultation so that you understand what to expect ahead of time.

Sedation Dentistry Can Create a Happy Dental Experience

Since sedation dentistry can help take the edge off, patients walk away with a positive experience when visiting the dentist. We want to create a safe and comfortable space for all of our patients to make getting dental care less stressful. Sedation dentistry can also cut down on treatment time, which means less time spent in the dental chair.

If you’ve been putting off dental cleanings and procedures due to fear or a phobia, our Cordova, TN, sedation dentist and the team at Botts Dental Spa can help make your next visit a whole lot easier. Call us today at (901) 737-2200 to learn more.

By Botts Dental Spa
December 23, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Let our Collierville, TN, dental team craft your dream smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Do you wish that you felt more confident in your appearance, but your smile is holding you back? Are you dealing with an imperfect smile that you keep hiding from everyone around you? If this sounds like you, you may want to consider turning to our Collierville, TN, cosmetic dentist Dr. Jason Botts for treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is incredibly popular and can help you get that perfect smile.

Here are some of the ways in which we can improve your appearance,

Cosmetic contouring

If you are dealing with a tooth that is just a little bit longer than the rest of your smile, or sticks out in some way, cosmetic contouring (also known as tooth reshaping) can help to give you a more even smile. This non-invasive procedure allows us to shave off very small amounts of enamel from your tooth to slightly alter the shape or size of a tooth. This same technique can also be applied to the gums to remove excess tissue to address “gummy smiles”.


Who says that getting braces has to be awkward? If you want to fix a crooked smile as an older teen or adult, then chances are good that you want a treatment that won’t take over your whole smile and stick out. This is where Invisalign comes in. This clear set of aligners fit perfectly over your teeth like whitening trays, and they apply just the perfect amount of pressure to move teeth into the ideal spot. Invisalign is metal-free, completely comfortable and can be removed prior to eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that we offer. That’s because it seems that everyone wants to achieve a whiter smile, and most healthy individuals can benefit from whitening treatment. If you are dealing with deep, yellow stains caused by aging, foods or drinks, then professional in-office whitening can easily remove these stains and get your teeth several shades whiter in just a single session.


Some dental defects are just a little too widespread or serious for more minimally invasive techniques such as whitening or contouring. In this case, veneers can provide ample coverage to improve the shape, size, color and alignment of your smile. These ultra-thin shells made from porcelain are bonded directly to the front of one or more teeth to makeover and revitalize your smile. Wondering how so many Hollywood elite seem to have such perfect smiles? Many of them are sporting veneers!

Do you have questions about the cosmetic dentistry services we provide here at our Collierville, TN, practice? Want to sit down with us and discuss which cosmetic treatment is right for you? If so, call Botts Dental Spa at (901) 737-2200 to schedule a consultation.

By Botts Dental Spa
November 10, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Thanks to the advancements of modern dentistry you have a variety of options to help correct your smile. But ahead of the pack of these advancements in implant dentistry. We'll cover below some of the reasons that make dental implants an excellent choice, but for in-depth information, you should reach out to your Cordova, TN, specialist Dr. Jason Botts of Botts Dental Spa.

They Won't Affect Adjacent Teeth

If you are missing one or a few teeth the traditional treatment has been dental bridgework. It's an excellent solution for many and continues to be. Bridgework has as a downside that in order to correct a gap the teeth adjacent will have to serve as support for your new crown, and, depending on the procedure, often need to be reshaped to accept a crown themselves.
Dental implants on the other hand can restore a single tooth without impacting other teeth.

You Won't Have to Radically Alter Your Lifestyle

Dentures are likewise a great option for patients who require replacing a full set of teeth. But some are not content with the lifestyle adjustments needed to be a denture wearer. As slipping and shifting of the appliance that can make eating and speaking sometimes difficult.
Some of the problems with dentures can be rectified by your dentist, as they are sometimes related to a loose fit. But if you don't want a more secure, more permanent solution, then implant-supported dentures may be right for you. An entire denture can typically be supported using about six implants, though this number can vary depending on your specific case.

They Function Just Like Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants, unlike other procedures, act just like your natural teeth because they follow a similar principle. The crown that replaces your missing tooth, instead of a root, is supported by a titanium post that is implanted onto your jaw. A secure and permanent fit is assured through a process called osseointegration, through which the bone bonds to the implant.

They Look Just Like Your Natural Teeth

Your new tooth looks and acts just like your natural teeth as it fits among them independently. You use them and care for them the same way you do your other teeth.

They Will Last

Dental implants can last a lifetime, although the crowns themselves share similar longevity to other dental implements. Just like your natural teeth, they require good dental health practices to get the most out of them.

Dental Implants in Cordova, TN

Dental implants are an investment in your smile in more ways than one. They are a surgical procedure and require a healing period much longer than its alternatives. But its results are also longer lasting and in many ways more practical. But to help make the decision for yourself, you should make an appointment with Dr. Botts of Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN, by dialing (901) 737-2200.

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