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Denal BondingDo small flaws detract from your smile appearance? Dentists offer a variety of aesthetic repairs such as cosmetic resin bonding. At Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN, your dentist, Dr. Jason Botts, uses this popular and effective procedure to normalize the appearance, shape and color of teeth marred by the wear and tear, chips, stains and other defects time inevitably brings.

What is composite resin bonding?

Also called direct bonding, this cosmetic dental procedure uses a blend of acrylic and glass particles to reshape tooth enamel damaged by:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Stains
  • Congenital defects (odd or uneven shape)
  • Surface fissures or pits
  • Small gaps and overcrowding

Because bonding adds material to tooth surfaces, it actually strengthens enamel. Plus, its natural color and sheen match teeth seamlessly. With resin applied by your skilled dentist serving Collierville, you can expect your repaired tooth to look as if nothing ever happened.

The bonding treatment

A healthy tooth with mild cosmetic flaws qualifies for direct bonding. Patients like the results, and the quick treatment time cost as compared to more involved porcelain veneers or crowns. Additionally, composite resin achieves great repairs on baby teeth when children fracture or chip teeth during sporting events or simple accidents such as falls.

At Botts Dental Spa, the bonding treatment takes under an hour and involves:

  • A light sanding of tooth edges
  • Application of a mild etching liquid
  • Application and sculpting of the composite resin
  • Hardening of each resin layer with a dental curing light
  • A final polishing and check for proper bite

That's it. Expect your bonding repair to last for years. Brush and floss as usual, and visit Botts Dental Spa twice a year for your routine exams and professional cleanings. Take care to avoid hard dietary choices such as candy apples or peanut brittle, and if bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching) is a problem for you, ask your dentist about a custom-fit mouth guard to cushion your teeth.

As if it never happened...

When you see your smile after refurbishment with composite resin, you'll be delighted. If you'd like to change your smile appearance, and look and feel great, please contact Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN and serving Collierville for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our expert dentist. Call today: (901) 737-2200.