What to Do About a Broken Tooth
By Botts Dental Spa
June 08, 2017
Category: Oral Appliances
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Find out the best thing you can do if this situation happens to you.broken teeth

You thought that you were just going to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal, but your smile had other things in mind. You notice that, among bites, something feels a little off with one of your teeth. It’s no longer smooth. In fact, it feels a little bit jagged. Maybe you even found a piece of the tooth while chewing. If this is the case, you need to seek the care of our Collierville, TN, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jason Botts.

Not all broken teeth are considered dental emergencies, but it can be difficult to tell (especially if you are noticing bits of your tooth floating freely in your mouth). Calling us is the best way to decide whether you need to come in right away or whether we can just schedule your appointment within the next couple of days.

Small breaks in a tooth can often be smoothed away. This is a simple and easy process and our Collierville, TN, dentist won’t even have to use needles to numb the area prior to reshaping the tooth. In minor cases, this procedure is more cosmetic than restorative.

More moderate breaks may require us to place dental bonding over the area once we have filed down the damaged area. Bonding is a cosmetic technique in which we will apply a malleable tooth-colored material over the tooth to reshape it. This treatment is great for covering discolorations and helping make minor adjustments to the shape or size of a tooth. This procedure is also completely non-invasive.

Of course, if you are dealing with more serious damage, then we may determine that the tooth will need a dental crown in order to prevent it from breaking further. If this happens, we will numb the area, prep the tooth and then place a custom dental crown over the tooth to protect it and to make sure the tooth is completely strong and functional again.

If you experience any problems with your smile and you aren’t sure if it warrants a trip to our office or not, call Botts Dental Spa in Collierville, TN, today to find out. Don’t let a damaged tooth get worse; treat the problem right away.