Get A Whole New Look With Cosmetic Dentistry
By Botts Dental Spa
June 14, 2016
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When most people meet someone for the first time, they greet them with a “nice to meet you,” and a smile. A polite greeting will go a cosmetic dentistrylong way, but a great smile can change everything.

At Botts Dental Spa serving Collierville and Cordova, Dr. Jason Botts specializes in offering the highest-quality cosmetic dentistry work to give you that life-changing smile.

Here are a few ways cosmetic dental work can give you a whole new look:

1. Teeth whitening:

Overtime, the outer layer of enamel that surrounds teeth deteriorates. It can also be expedited by heavy exposure to factors such as coffee or tobacco. When a tooth loses its enamel, it’s gone permanently.

This leaves the darker layer, the dentin, visible and gives the tooth a look of discoloration. A teeth whitening procedure can return them to their natural sheen, for as long as five years.

2. Teeth straightening:

In past years, the only way to straighten out one’s teeth was to spend a year, maybe more, in a shiny set of metal braces. Fortunately, for those searching for cosmetic dentistry to help straighten their teeth, Botts Dental Spa uses Invisalign’s invisible and removable solution.

Over the span of nine to 15 months, these clear aligners will gradually shift teeth to perfect placement.

3. Tooth repair:

Depending on the type of damage, be it cavities or simply a chipped tooth, there is a number of operations that can restore teeth. For example, bonding is a process in which an enamel-like material is fused to a tooth’s surface, and can be molded to fit the shape of any specific tooth.

For more serious restoration jobs, crowns and bridges can be used to restore large pieces of teeth that may have decayed or broken.

4. Tooth replacement:

If it comes time for a painful or decaying tooth to be extracted, there’s no need to worry about any unattractive gaps. Dental implants are secure fixings placed into the jawbone to support structures such as veneers or dentures. These are the most reliable and long-lasting dental restorations.

5. Prevent future decay:

As a large bonus, these fillings and implants will all help prevent future decay in those problem areas, as well as the surrounding gums and teeth.

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