Are Sealants Just For Kids?
By Botts Dental Spa
July 30, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental SealantsDental sealants protect the teeth from cavities and tooth decay. Dr. Jason Botts, a popular Collierville dentist, recommends dental sealants for his young patients, but parents don’t always consider if this might be a good treatment for themselves as well. Learn more about dental sealants and whether they are a good idea for both kids and adults.

What Are Dental Sealants? 
When there’s an opening or vulnerability, the common sense approach to fixing it is to seal it up. This is what dentists are doing when they use dental sealants. It is a plastic liquid that is “painted” on the surface of molars to seal up the pits and fissures. The sealant hardens and becomes a barrier that helps prevent tooth decay. A dental sealant can protect the teeth from cavities for many years before it needs to be reapplied. While this is a common treatment for kids, some wonder if this might be worthwhile for adults as well.

Dental History
The American Dental Association recommends that children and teenagers have their teeth treated with sealants, but it also says that adults can benefit from this treatment as well. Make your decision after considering your past dental history. If you are an adult who has a history of cavities or tooth decay, talk to your Collierville dentist Dr. Botts about this treatment.

Eating and Dental Habits
There are other considerations to keep in mind if you’re an adult interested in dental sealants. If you have a tendency to eat foods or drink liquids that are high in sugar content, a sealant is a good way to protect your teeth in between brushings. It’s also a smart choice if you aren’t always consistent with your dental care habits, including brushing twice per day, rinsing with mouthwash and flossing. Getting dental sealants can save you money in the future on dental treatments.

Get Treated at Botts Dental Spa
Dental sealants aren’t just for kids—adults can benefit as well. If your teeth are constantly at risk of developing cavities and decay, call Botts Dental Spa in Collierville at (901) 737-2200 to make an appointment with a qualified dentist.