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By Botts Dental Spa
July 19, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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You're blessed with good oral health, but some teeth in the front of your mouth spoil your smile. At Botts Dental Spa in Collierville, TN, yourveneers dentist, Dr. Jason Botts, remakes flawed teeth with care plans customized to patient need and preference. Porcelain veneers often play a role in smile makeovers. Shells of ultra-thin porcelain, veneers camouflage defects, dramatically improving smile aesthetics.


What are porcelain veneers?

Also referred to as dental laminates, porcelain veneers from your Collierville, TN, dentist artistically improve the shape and color of selected teeth. Veneers are permanently cemented in place and add a substantial measure of resiliency to tooth structure. Plus, they erase those bothersome gaps, crowding, craze lines, surface pits, deep stains, fractures, and chips which detract from your smile.

To place veneers, Dr. Botts contours the front of each tooth so you bite properly and your smile does not feel bulky. X-rays, photos impressions, and wax mock-ups tell Dr. Bott how best to reshape your teeth, and as you wait for your veneers to come in from the dental lab, you'll wear temporary laminates.

At the next appointment at Botts Dental Spa, Dr. Botts removes the temporary laminates, adds an etching liquid and tooth-colored cement, and places the veneers. A special UV light activates a hardening chemical in the cement, creating a permanent, inseparable bond between the tooth and the laminate. Count on accurate fit and bite because Dr. Botts truly is a master at cosmetic dentistry services.


Caring for your new smile

Porcelain veneers last for ten years or more, states the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. They are intrinsically durable and stain resistant.

However, as the patient, you must do your part to preserve the integrity of your veneers. Care involves:

  • Brushing gently, but thoroughly, twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste of your choice (avoid whitening ingredients) and a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Floss every day to remove food residues (plaque) from your veneer margins.
  • Limit alcohol as it degrades the veneer cement.
  • Restrict your consumption of hard foods such as peanut brittle. Don't chew ice. Don't bite your fingernails or chew your pencil top.
  • See Dr. Botts semi-annually for an oral examination and a professional cleaning. Your dentist will check the position and condition of your veneers, looking for any chips, cracks or looseness.


A new smile

It's a phone call away. Learn more about porcelain veneers and the other cosmetic dentistry services at Botts Dental Spa in Collierville, TN. Our number is (901) 737-2200.

By Botts Dental Spa
May 28, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Whether you lost a tooth due to decay or damage, a dental implant can help you rejuvenate your look and complete your smile. Implants have many benefits aside from their obvious aesthetic value, making them an interesting tooth replacement option for anyone. Find out more about dental implants with Dr. Jason Botts at Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a dental restoration made up of three parts: a fixture to replace the missing tooth’s root, a prosthetic tooth to replace theDental Implants missing tooth above the gum line, and an abutment to hold the two main components together. A dentist or oral surgeon places a dental implant directly into the bone underneath your missing tooth. Thanks to its design, an implant can last a lifetime with the proper care.

Types of Dental Implants

  • Single tooth implant: A single tooth implant uses one implant fixture placed into the bone to hold one prosthetic tooth in place.
  • Multiple tooth implant: Multiple tooth implants span the space left by several missing teeth and use a dental bridge-like restoration held in place by two implant fixtures either side to fill in the gap.
  • Implant-supported dentures: Implant-supported dentures replace all the teeth on an arch and are held in place by four or more implant fixtures placed throughout the arch. The denture is non-removable, allowing patients to eliminate soaking them overnight.

Dental Implants: A Smart Tooth Replacement Option
Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants replace a missing tooth’s root. This helps decrease the chances of the side effects of gaps in your smile, such as shifting teeth. Additionally, dental implants stimulate the bone in which they are placed, stimulating the area and decreasing the chances of bone atrophy, which causes the bone under a missing tooth to degrade and erode away.

For more information on dental, please contact Dr. Jason Botts at Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN and serving the Collierville and Eastern Memphis, TN area. Call (901) 737-2200 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Botts today!

By Botts Dental Spa
February 12, 2019
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5 Signs That You May Need Dentures

Is your smile missing teeth? A denture is a removable appliance that can replace your missing teeth and improve your smile. Dentures Denturehave made a big difference in the lives of many people. Led by Dr. Jason Botts, Botts Dental Spa located in Cordova, TN, offers state-of-the-art dentures to the patients they serve. Here are 5 signs you may need dentures.


1. You have missing teeth.

Missing teeth can ruin a beautiful smile. A denture can improve the appearance of your smile. Looking good is an advantage in today's world. A partial denture is used when one or more teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. A complete denture, also called full denture, is used when all the teeth are missing. A growing number of adults are getting dentures to enhance their appearance.


2. You have chewing difficulties.

Missing teeth can keep you from enjoying all the foods you love. It's difficult to chew properly when you have missing teeth. A denture will give you the ability chew all of your favorite foods again. With a denture in place, you will be able to eat in comfort and with confidence.


3. You have speech problems.

Our teeth play an important role in speech. The absence of teeth can cause speech problems. Mumbled and slurred speech are big problems for people with missing teeth. A denture will improve your speech and allow you to feel confident when you speak with others. With a denture, you will feel more confident in social situations.


4. You look older than you are.

Missing teeth makes people appear older than they are. Dentures are a simple solution for achieving a more youthful appearance. Dentures are designed to help you look younger. They rejuvenate your smile with a youthful, natural appearance. Who doesn't want to look younger- or better?


5. You have low self-esteem.

The fountain of youth just may be in your dentist’s office. Your teeth play an important role in defining how young you look. If you want to look younger, getting a denture is a great place to start. A denture can restore your smile and make you look and feel years younger. A denture will also work wonders for your confidence.


A denture will allow you to live the way you want to- talking, eating, and enjoying activities without worrying about your smile. Don't wait another minute- call Botts Dental Spa at 901-737-2200 today to schedule an appointment in Cordova, TN. You will experience exemplary service and state-of-the-art care at Botts Dental Spa!

By Botts Dental Spa
December 21, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are you dealing with tooth loss? Dentures could help restore your smile.

While you may equate missing teeth to senior citizens, anyone can face tooth loss no matter their age. This is why it’s so important to maintain good oral hygiene and to come in for routine checkups to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Of course, there are many factors that can lead to tooth loss. If you are missing several or all of your teeth then maybe our Cordova, TN, dentist Dr. Jason Botts has recommended that you get dentures. So, what are dentures and how can they help you?

What types of dentures are available?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide which kind of dentures is right for you,

Are you missing all of your teeth?

If you said “yes” then full dentures are the only kind that can replace all of your missing teeth. Full dentures are meant to help patients dealing with complete tooth loss, and they can replace both your upper and lower teeth. Full dentures are custom-made to fit right on top of the gums, where they will stay in place through natural suction.

Do you still have some healthy teeth?

If you are dealing with tooth loss but you still have healthy teeth present then partial dentures will help replace those missing teeth to give you back a full smile. Partial dentures are designed to fill those gaps in your smile with one or more false teeth. There are several ways in which partial dentures can be placed.

Removable partial dentures use attachments or clasps, which hold on to natural teeth to keep the false teeth in place. Fixed partial dentures will require dental crowns, which will be cemented over natural teeth to support one or more false teeth in the middle.

Do you need a tooth extraction?

If your Cordova, TN, restorative dentist has told you that you need to have one or more teeth removed it will take several weeks for the gums to heal after the extraction. Of course, we know that you don’t want to be without teeth during this time. This is where immediate dentures come in. While they aren’t as durable and don’t provide as ideal a fit as your permanent dentures will be, this can provide you with the temporary teeth you’ll need so you can still chew and speak while also allowing your gums time to properly heal.

Do you want to keep dentures in place?

Are you currently wearing dentures but find it difficult to keep your dentures in place? If they shift or move around in your mouth then you may want to talk to us about getting dental implants to support your false teeth. While it can take several months to get dental implants they can hold your dentures firmly in place to prevent them from moving around.

Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN, is dedicated to helping restore your smile after trauma, tooth loss or other dental issues. You can get a beautiful smile back with the help of restorative dentistry and our dental team is here to help. Call us for a consultation today and let’s talk about dentures.

Denal BondingDo small flaws detract from your smile appearance? Dentists offer a variety of aesthetic repairs such as cosmetic resin bonding. At Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN, your dentist, Dr. Jason Botts, uses this popular and effective procedure to normalize the appearance, shape and color of teeth marred by the wear and tear, chips, stains and other defects time inevitably brings.

What is composite resin bonding?

Also called direct bonding, this cosmetic dental procedure uses a blend of acrylic and glass particles to reshape tooth enamel damaged by:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Stains
  • Congenital defects (odd or uneven shape)
  • Surface fissures or pits
  • Small gaps and overcrowding

Because bonding adds material to tooth surfaces, it actually strengthens enamel. Plus, its natural color and sheen match teeth seamlessly. With resin applied by your skilled dentist serving Collierville, you can expect your repaired tooth to look as if nothing ever happened.

The bonding treatment

A healthy tooth with mild cosmetic flaws qualifies for direct bonding. Patients like the results, and the quick treatment time cost as compared to more involved porcelain veneers or crowns. Additionally, composite resin achieves great repairs on baby teeth when children fracture or chip teeth during sporting events or simple accidents such as falls.

At Botts Dental Spa, the bonding treatment takes under an hour and involves:

  • A light sanding of tooth edges
  • Application of a mild etching liquid
  • Application and sculpting of the composite resin
  • Hardening of each resin layer with a dental curing light
  • A final polishing and check for proper bite

That's it. Expect your bonding repair to last for years. Brush and floss as usual, and visit Botts Dental Spa twice a year for your routine exams and professional cleanings. Take care to avoid hard dietary choices such as candy apples or peanut brittle, and if bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching) is a problem for you, ask your dentist about a custom-fit mouth guard to cushion your teeth.

As if it never happened...

When you see your smile after refurbishment with composite resin, you'll be delighted. If you'd like to change your smile appearance, and look and feel great, please contact Botts Dental Spa in Cordova, TN and serving Collierville for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our expert dentist. Call today: (901) 737-2200.